Pochade Boxes




How long have you been pochade painting?

Almost ten years now. 

What 1st got you into pochade painting?

It was probably John Ruskin’s exhortation that all men, as part of their morning salutations, should go out and paint a picture of the sky.  It sounded like a nice thing to do so I gave it a go and haven’t stopped painting since.


What has been your best pochade place to paint or still life?

Bridlington beach when the tide is out.  I tend always to paint in the same place (near the toilets and a teashop) and it always looks different.

What time of the year do you prefer to paint in terms of temperature and light?

In the winter when there are big dramatic clouds and no spectators giving ‘helpful’ advice..

What time of the day is your favourite?

All times apart from sunrise and sunset when the light changes too quickly.

What pochade boxes do you use?

Several of my own design which are very light and easy to use.  Ease and convenience very important in plein-air painting.


What do you keep in your pochade box colours, brushes etc?

Everything apart from my sandwiches.  Oil paint, especially lead white, doesn’t taste very nice in sandwiches.

What do you prefer to paint on, canvas board, primed millboard?

My bigger paintings are on canvas because canvas is light to carry, but my smaller paintings are on MDF.

Who would you say is your favourite painter?

John, Singer Sargent.  I also like Joaquin Sorolla, especially his small oil sketches.

What do you look at in a good painting more than anything?

I don’t really know, but I’m sure I could spot one from a galloping horse.

What is your favourite size to work on (box size)?

30x24’’ or bigger.  I like doing big paintings outside.  My only restriction is money and the danger of being blown away in the wind.

Have you exhibited any pochades? If so where, gallery/sites/shows?

All over the place.  See my website for details.

If you can sum up the pochade box and what it brings to you in one sentence what would that be?

Convenience, as long as it is light and easy to carry.