Pochade Boxes




How long have you been pochade painting?

I’ve been painting outdoors for the last 15 years. 

What 1st got you into pochade painting?

I was living in France and had just finished working on a film as an assistant to a movie director.  I had always wanted to take time off to learn to paint and on a weekend to the countryside, I brought an easel my parents had purchased for me.  I spent the whole weekend painting a 9x12 inch painting.  The entire town came out to support my endeavor.  People offered accommodations.  A man with one arm held an umbrella for me in a downpour so that I could finish the painting.  By the end of the weekend, .I knew I wanted to be a plein air painter.  When I returned to California within two weeks I had met some of the best plein air painters who generously taught and shared so much knowledge with me.  


What has been your best pochade place to paint or still life?

I’ve painted all over and met amazing people in incredible places.  I love painting in Maine.  I love painting in France.  I love painting in the summer in Sun Valley Idaho.  Right now I’m happiest painting still life in my yard

What time of the year do you prefer to paint in terms of temperature and light?

I love the light where I live in southern California.  I love painting mustard flowers in spring.

What time of the day is your favourite?

My schedule is really busy being a mother of two young children so a few years ago I began setting up still lifes in the yard.  I love taking the same objects and observing them at different times of day under different light.

What pochade boxes do you use?

I’ve tried just about every box ever invented.  I even fashioned a few myself.  I like the guerilla box if I’m painting still life in my kitchen at night or if I’m in an urban area ….its compact.


What do you keep in your pochade box colours, brushes etc?

I have the usual things.  I always carry a piece of red cellophane to double check on the values.  For spring, I usually carry a few special chromatic colors in case I have special chromatic needs.  I love Gamblin turquoise for this reason…it will give me a cool blue and that doesn’t wilt when tinted. 


What do you prefer to paint on, canvas board, primed millboard?

I like to paint on boards that I’ve gessoed .  The surface is smooth , quick and receptive.  Otherwise, I love raymar boards.

Who would you say is your favourite painter?

Choosing just one painter is so difficult!   I love Sorolla.  I love Deibenkorn.  I love Fairfield Porter.  I love the beauty of his shapes and the poetry of the arrangement.

What do you look at in a good painting more than anything?

I look at color and design in a good painting.  I enjoy an imbalance of things proportionally and I respond to energy and enthusiasm in a painting.

What is your favourite size to work on (box size)?

I love working 12x12 and if I’m painting in my yard 30x30 or 33x30.

Have you exhibited any pochades? If so where, gallery/sites/shows?

I’ve been in a number of shows at galleries.  I’ve had two solo shows in Santa Monica and am getting ready for another one in March.  I have outdoor still life paintings at Deborah Page Projects in Austin Texas and will have an outdoor painting at the Gold Medal Show for the California Art Club at the Pasadena Museum of Art in April. See for more.